The Sound

Paramount to creating the best possible sound in a guitar is the right choice of wood. This is something that does not happen overnight. It takes time to choose the right wood. I store my own carefully selected woods for between 20 and 30 years. Then, and only then, are they ready to be used in the building of handmade instruments of the very finest quality.

I use different types of wood to build my guitars to reach the high standard of sound and tone that discerning guitarists expect to find in a bespoke instrument. Woods such as rosewood and maple for the sides and the bottom, with spruce and cedar for the top.

The trade magazine ‘Stereo’ posted a quote about the beautiful sounding guitar of Wannenmacher played by Reinhold Westerheide. It sums up what a great guitar should sound like. “ Even enthusiastic piano players will remember a Steinway-grand piano while listening to the sound of this guitar: a fundamental that is full of strength,  producing a mellow  and  yet powerful tone. The instrument is well balanced and without any flaws.”


Please listen to a „Wannenmacher“-guitar: 

Westerheide plays on a guitar made in 2003

top : cedar

back + sides: rosewood

· Reinhold Westerheide


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